Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular.

~Roy T Bennett

Why partner with Continuity MD?

With the rising cost of health insurance coverage, the decision to offer employee health benefits is becoming more challenging every year.  While we want to retain and recruit our best employees, businesses still have to remain profitable to keep their doors open.  With very little transparency in the medical industry, making good financial decisions is challenging and hard to achieve.  

Here are three common reasons business decide to partner with us.


Value Proposition

Continuity MD offers the most comprehensive medical solution in the industry. Our cost sharing membership model allows for the most affordable solution for employers and employees while having the best ROI in the industry. 



The benefit of concealing prices allows many businesses to maximize profits while passing the high costs to the employers and employees.  Continuity MD believes price transparency creates competition, and competition is the best way to control the rising costs of healthcare. Continuity MD is transparent with our prices because we believe you deserve better.



With our long history of successfully managing and caring for patients, our local doctors and medical providers are committed to making a positive change in the healthcare landscape.  The quality of our team, the many years of experience and comprehensive services we provide will give employers the peace of mind they deserve.

Concierge health for every employee

Happy employees

Create benefits that employees will use, talk about, and love: our 24/7 access to integrated care will have your workforce cheering.

Insurance support

Healthcare Navigators manage claims, billing, and referrals. They answer employee questions, saving people operations many hours each week.

Work with your current coverage

For companies that already provide health insurance to their employees, we can augment your plan.  Continuity MD can easily be add-on to your current health insurance, so you don’t have to change carriers. 


Work with employees without healthcare insurance coverage.

For companies that are unable to provide health insurance to their employees, we offer the most affordable and comprehensive healthcare services in the industry.  With Continuity MD being local and working in collaboration, no one can compete with our prices and comprehensive services.

Stressful times

Undiagnosed stress and anxiety lead to job burnout and employee turnover. By having access to mental health providers we can help your employees deal with the challenges of these stressful times..

We have you covered

With over 20 years of medical experience, 10 years of leadership experience, 5 years of Telemedicine experience and over 100,000 satisfied customers Continuity MD is well prepared and able to handle any problems that might arise. Our Local providers are a short drive away.

Additional Benefits