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We offer an advanced health care model where we combine:

  1. The convenience of telemedicine  
  2. The accessibility and extended services available from primary care office visits.
  3. Access to same day testing with results for X-Rays, CT Scans and Ultrasounds, as well as blood work for patients that need urgent and emergent care.
  4. Affordability from our extended hours to decrease unnecessary ER visits. 

Our Direct Primary Care Membership model optimizes cost sharing for employers and employees while passing the savings to the employees.  This model also allows our medical providers to offer the services at rates that are affordable and access that is desirable.

That is a great question.  Think about going food shopping without transparent pricing. 

Transparent pricing stimulates competition which ultimately helps control costs. We are transparent with our pricing because it is the right thing to do.  Congress agrees and is working hard to make that the standard.

No, we are not an insurance company or healthcare plan.  Continuity MD is a collaboration of doctors and healthcare professions working together to offer affordable healthcare services in a convenient manner.

Presently we do not bill insurance. Because of this, to your insurance, this practice will be considered “out of network”.  

We will work with you to submit claims on your own and help you get reimbursed by your insurance company. How much reimbursement is dependent on your insurance plan and carrier.

Very soon we will be working with select insurance companies.  Reach out to us and we will let you know as we progress.

Our Healthcare Navigators manage claims, billing, and referrals. They answer employee questions, saving people operations many hours each week.

We are a great adjunct to health insurance plans because we increase accessibility and services while decreasing expenditures and future insurance premiums.  Unlike majority of our competitors we can also decrease ER visits by more than 50% and hospitalizations by 20%!

 Our CompetitorsContinuity MDSavings
Five marriage counseling sessions$500 and upIncluded in subscription$500 +
Skin infection$100Included in subscription$100
Question for dentist$95Included in subscription$95
Prescription refill$90Included in subscription$90
Doctors office visitStarting at $125Starting at $65$60 and up
MD evaluation, Intravenous fluids and lab testing for vomiting and dehydration

ER $3,400 for those with insurance 


$3,000 those with health insurance


ER $6,500 for those without insurance


$6,100 for those without health insurance

If you have an urgent or emergent condition we can arrange for same day testing with results.  An example would be a kidney stone workup and treatment.  

If you are not sure if you need to go to the hospital, schedule a telemedicine visit and discuss your concerns with us.  We can help you decide whether it’s something we can take care of or if the emergency room is necessary. We can also expedite the hospital admission process to prevent you from spending countless hours in the ER.  

If you are having a heart attack, stroke, significant shortness of breath or any life threatening event, we suggest you call 911. If your family member is unconscious, having a stroke or seizure we suggest you go to the nearest hospital. If you were involved in a major car accident or major injury or bleeding that you are not able to control, call 911.

We also don’t treat chronic pain conditions. We can refer you to a pain management clinic.

  • Continuity MD will authorize your card immediately for all appointments scheduled less than 48 hours away. If the card is invalid you will be unable to schedule or book an appointment.
  • Continuity MD will authorize your payment method on file 5 days and 2 days prior to any scheduled appointment.
  • 5 days prior to your appointment if your payment method is invalid, Continuity MD will notify you via email to update. 
  • 2 days prior to your appointment if your payment method is invalid, Continuity MD will cancel your appointment. 
  • Continuity MD requires all accounts to have a valid payment method on file.

Your information is stored on our encrypted servers inside encrypted databases.  Only strong-encryption APIs may access the data via our mobile application.  Our system is  HIPAA and HITECH  compliant.